Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Dynasty

Bill Clinton & Al Gore with freed American jounalists:

[Read the Full NY Times piece HERE]

It kind of feels like 1996. Even in the Obama era, the Clinton dynasty is a prominent force that can't be escaped. After a 20 hour grueling visit, Bill Clinton was able to engage in diplomacy to help to free the captured American jounalists Laura Ling and Euna Lee. Al Gore founded the company that employs the journalists. Bill Clinton dined with North Korea's leader Kim Jong-il as his wife yours Africa. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton serves as the face of American diplomacy and her role is key to the Obama adminstration. While President Obama has been engaged in a long battle of health care reform disrupted by the return of race relations to the national stage, the Clintons have taken up the role of mending international wounds. Although Clinton reportedly remarked that a breakthrough for North Korea won't come any time soon, his presence was obviously the deciding factor in the fight to bring the journalists home. Many wondered if Obama could stand against the Clinton dynasty during his campaign. He prevailed but will he, or any future Democrat, escape the shadow that the Clintons cast?
Obama's legacy depends on it.

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