Monday, August 24, 2009

The Daily Tea: Pruning

The tea hasn't quite been daily lately. I've been making changes in life and blogging has been put on the back burner. Today does not start with a quote from anyone. It just starts with a topic that's been prevalent in my life recently.
A common metaphor for growth in life refers to bearing fruit. Think of life as a gardening effort. House plants need to be potted again from time to time as they grow. Tree roots can outgrow the area which the tree is planted and disrupt concrete structures around them. However, perhaps one the most important rituals in gardening is pruning.
There are things in life that we become attached to. The same is said for people. What happens when these things weigh you down and prevent growth? You have to snip them away.
  • You've been friends with someone for years?
  • You've had a habit for years?
  • You've loved someone for years?
That doesn't mean that the person or situation is meant to be around forever. Even if you have to strip down to the bare necessities, one has to get rid of things to grow.
Nature even does it for us. Life is comparable to the seasons. We have autumn like times which people fall away from us and we shed dead weight. These situations can change us. They can leave us cold and as barren as the winter months. Once you allow yourself, like the foliage around you, to become naked and loose of the things holding you back, you can truly blossom into what you need to be and see the brighter and more joyful things in life. Like the seasons, it's a cycle that happens again and again. Some people enter our lives with the purpose of teaching us a lesson and leaving. The important thing is to learn from each time you have to let something go.
I'm reminded of a preacher that a good friend of mine talked about. He was receiving an award and he thanked those who encouraged him along the way because everyone needs some nourishing rain to grow. He also thanked those who led him astray and caused him pain because, like rain, things that grow always need a little dirt.
And that's the tea.
What's keeping you from blossoming?
What do you need to strip away?

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