Thursday, July 2, 2009

Kid N Play

The New Boyz
"You're A Jerk" [OFFICIAL Music Video]
Director: Matt Alonzo

Ok, so I must be getting old. Prior to the BET Awards pre-show, I had never heard of these kids. Not that they are world famous, but I'm typically well informed. I love their style. It's nice to see the wave of new hip-hop artist embraces skinny jeans that the look that usually comes along with. I know that it's part of the whole 80s wave but the individuality and style that they bring is what hip-hop used to symbolize. Most artists today have the same look but Cool Kids, Kid Cudi, and these guys are reminiscent of a time when baggy pants and white tees weren't a requirement.
Besides, they are cute. For

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Cord said...

You are so late, son :-)