Thursday, July 30, 2009

Get Some Soul: Live Music

Once you get to a certain age, things start to happen. Your tastes start to change and you settle down a bit. Even at a young age, one should learn to appreciate the art of live music. It has become one of my obsessions lately.
My life has been saturated with it. Hip-Hop funk at Café Ole, Salsa at Rumba Room, Blues at Ground Zero, Jazz at Mollie Fontaine's, 80s Rock at Young Ave Deli, etc.
I had to catch myself when I heard Al Green's Love and Happiness and threw up my arms in excitement. Am I forty? No. However, live music is one of the greatest joys in life. Even with pop music, an artist live in concert is better than anything a DJ could give you.
Take some time and visit a local jazz club. Ditch the shot of Patron and grab a glass of wine.
Or grab a plastic cup and listen to the sounds of live hip-hop.
Get your grown and sexy on. :)
You'll never need Soulja Boy again.

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