Monday, July 20, 2009

Covers: Ne-Yo Needs a Spanking

[DOWNLOAD Ne-Yo Discipline -Janet Jackson Demo]

I stumbled across this demo and thought it was equally fabulous and hilarious. If you copped Janet's last album, you probably fell in love with this S&M inspired baby making track. Here is Ne-Yo singing the demo version. I previously posted a Beyoncé demo that Ne-Yo recorded in which he proclaimed "I swear sometimes boys can be such a mess".
I know he was just recording a demo here but it's interesting to hear a man sing seductively about a man. Again, Ne-Yo, you're not helping those rumors.

"I need some discipline tonight/I've been very bad. Daddy, make me cry..."

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Abe's Heart said...

Yeah! I'm likin' that!

`Abe's Heart.