Monday, July 20, 2009


Chris Brown publicly apologizes for his incident with Rihanna. The pop star also noted that he has repeatedly apologized to Rihanna. He expresses that he wanted to speak out earlier but was advised by his lawyers not to. He added that he “spent a lot time soul searching, and trying to understand what happened and why”.

I may be one of the only people who feels this way, but I feel sorry for him as much as I do for her. He had an abusive childhood and clearly needs counseling that he probably will never get. I'm happy that he and Rihanna both handled this situation in a more mature fashion than most around them. He made a grave mistake and is paying for that through legal trouble as well as the possible demise of his career. She has not publicly bashed him and I applaud her for that. That would have been the easy way out and a way to catapult herself into the limelight. She has not taken a position for battered women and exploited this incident. I don't think his apology is too late. He technically doesn't owe us one anyway. He only owed her one. Hopefully they get can back to making music soon and put this all behind them.

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