Monday, June 29, 2009

Vanity Fair

So, the BET Awards were quite a let down this year. I did enjoy most of the flashback moments but it seemed unorganized and there were no legends in attendance.
Where were Michael's peers?
Whitney? Mariah? Madonna? Prince? Diana? Quincy? Lionel? Patti? No one...
Anyway, I enjoyed some of the fashion. Most notably Mrs. Knowles Carter who opted again for a Balmain ensemble.

[Check out my previous Balmain post HERE]

She looks really thin here. Since when does she have that much of a gap between her thighs?? Hmm...
I LOVE the 80s, so of course I love this look.
[what are her shoes doing though?]

The dress really reminds me of the look that Vanity wore for a scene in The Last Dragon. Peep the embroidery, the jagged hemline, and the exaggerated shoulders.
I hope this 80s revival lasts for a while. The campy hip hop references aren't nearly as interesting as designs such as this that intermingle the influence while bringing something fresh.

Get a closer look below and view Vanity's performance in the film.

7th Heaven
from Gordy's The Last Dragon

On a side note, I recently posted via facebook how I wished Rihanna would be considered for the same role that Vanity played in the film. Apparently, the film's producers are heavily courting her for the role. Good look! We'll see.

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