Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Essentials: Personal Style

Every adult man eventually, whether consciously or unconsciously, develops a personal style. That's the case even if it tragically includes camo, flannel, and a plethora of sweatpants.
Upon examining my own frequent purchases and style choices, I realized I have a few staples.

1. What's Tee?
I'm a v-neck t-shirt guy. I have a million of them. I feel like a man that can look amazing in a simple tee has it all together. I like simplicity and comfort. The v-neck shows enough skin while still being conservative.
2. Skin Tight
Denim should be trim. For me, at least. I can't do baggy. I'm 5'8" 130lbs and baggy clothes look foolish on me. Trim cuts do not inhibit swagger. I don't feel the need to tug at my clothes all of the time. I like things to fit.
3. Slip Ups
Loafers/Driving Shoes. The anti-sneaker. I buy sneakers occasionally but my most versatile shoe is the driving shoe. Slim them on with no socks and I'm ready to go. Comfortable, classic, and never bulky, they serve many purposes in my wardrobe.
4. Cat in the Hat
Blame it on my father. I love hats. He was an old school guy who liked bug brimmed hats. Hat's have been worn by sophisticated men for ages and I love them. I scale it down with a driving cap or a fedora. I'm not too fond of anything too big. And the Rat Pack didn't wear baseball caps.
5. It's in the Bag
When I travel or need to carry things, I need a great bag. I think that backpacks are either juvenile or best for camping. So, I think messenger bags, totes, etc should be the bag of choice for a man like myself.

Of course, in addition to these, I have a fondness for cardigans and a sudden love affair with gingham prints. I like simplicity. I like minimal patterns and stick to a cool color palette, opting for interesting cuts rather than ostentatious colors. These choices don't fit every man but they are what you will mostly see me in on a regular day.
What are your essentials?

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stretch marks and a fat ass