Sunday, November 30, 2008

Music: Ne-Yo is Sick of Boys

This track leaked a while ago and was supposedly a demo for Beyoncé. I dig it because it's interesting to hear this subject from a male perspective even if it weren't meant that way.
With the rampant rumors surrounding Ne-Yo's sexual orientation, this song is even more believable.
I feel you, brother.
"I swear sometimes boys can be such a mess."

Under Barack Obama

Hillary's secret agenda uncovered... :-)

Saturday, November 29, 2008

New Music: Beyoncé's "Roc"

Produced by Stargate, this unreleased track shows Beyoncé doing something she rarely does as she openly proclaims her love for "Jigga".
It's nice to see her singing about love again.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Daily Tea: Measure of Love

"Just because someone doesn't love you the way you want them to, it doesn't mean they don't love you with everything they have."
-Uknown source

"...and the lowest love to you may be the highest love to him. In the end, it's all love."
-The Golden Wonder

I'll try and remember that.

The Justice League- Thanks

Today is the day set aside for thanks.

Lately I have really been shown what's important to me more than ever. Losing my dad has had this strange effect. I am sad, but I am thankful that he lived such a long and full life. I miss him here but I know that we have so many memories that will keep him alive in our hearts.

I am thankful for my family. I could not ask for better people in my life. From my immediate family on down to distant cousins, we stick together. And that's what matters. My dad was the ultimate picture of what unconditional love is. Our family seems to have learned from that.

I am thankful for my superfriends. My handpicked family that I was not born to but allowed me to be reborn in the shape of a new person. Thank you all for the influences, the love, and the fun memories. The Golden Wonder is in Kansas and the Anchorman is in Nashville. TheMilkMan is in the middle of the ocean. I'm glad I have the rest of the Justice League here. Miss Foster and The Great Bambi hold the key to my heart. Here's to "sisters". And my "Fraternity", I don't know where else I could find such brotherhood and so many successful and positive peers. To the six of you, I'm thankful to know you.

This week will be great. Ace of Spades, La Regina and The Earl have already provided great entertainment. And I'm sure DiVa will slay me. I won't let the disappointment I feel for one person mess up an otherwise great holiday.

I'm thankful for God. I'm thankful for life. I'm thankful for love. I'm thankful for memories and a bright future.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I Am...Sasha French Fry

The Single Ladies saga continues...

I can't stop laughing...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Past will Catch up with You

Contact with the flight attendant
the one who had me singing hymns of Zion...
'Tis the season for old flames.
Fa la la la la la la

Saturday, November 22, 2008


All the Single Ladies...Put Your Hams Up!

The Single Ladies saga continues...

You will be both amused and mortified.
The ending was classic.
They liked it so they put some onion rings on it.
Simply flabulous!

I want them to compose themselves.

Friday, November 21, 2008

If You Seek Amy Tonight

I love this song!!!! Britney's Circus album is not quite as good as Blackout but it gives me what I need.
This song is Brit Brit being provocative again.

Say the chorus quickly.
"Love me/hate me. Say what you want about me. All of the boys and all of the girls are begging to if you seek amy."

In other words, they want to screw Brit Brit. :-)
She's such a dirty slut. But I love it.

Behind the Scenes with Bionic: AOL Sessions

I wish my rehearsals were this captivating.
Here's Beyoncé's rehearsal of Single Ladies from her AOL Sessions.

I actually prefer this to her performance of this. It let your see a bit of her personality.
She is funny.
"Y'all be jammin'. Dat go hard. Dat Single Ladies go hard. It go hard, son... Ok, one more time..."
Love it. Love her. Cop the album. Thanks

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Film Picks: Taste the Rainbow

Here are twelve films that I feel like you ALL must see. They all deal with GLBT issues ranging from HIV/AIDs awareness to transgender issues and gay iconic figures to gay culture. I feel like having a mini film festival and showing them all. Watch party anyone??? Anyway, check them out. You need them in your collection.

Boys Don't Cry was the 2000 film that shows Hillary Swank's character living as a boy. Swank won a Best Actress Academy Award for the film.

Transamerica garnered Desperate Housewives' Felicity Huffman an Academy Award nomination in the film that chronicles the journey of a man becoming a woman and his reunion with his son.

A Girl Like Me is the Lifetime Movie about Gwen Araujo, a transgendered girl who was brutally murdered after a former lover discovered her true identity.

Angels in America boasts and all star cast that includes Meryl Streep, Jeffrey Wright, and Al Pacino. It is the HBO film based on the prize winning play that shows the battle with HIV through the eyes of various people. IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

Philadelphia won Tom Hanks an Academy Award for Best Actor and also stars Denzel Washington. It tells the story of an HIV positive man who sues his former company for discrimination after being wrongfully terminated.

Paris is Burning is the colorful story of the underground culture of balls and Vogueing in the 80s. It familiarizes the viewer with the concepts of "reading" and "shade", and shows that men of color indulged in the delight of Vogue long before Madonna.

Too Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything put three of film's most desired leading men in roles that required quite a stretch. John Leguizamo, Patrick Swayze, and Wesley Snipes all worked it in heels and dresses for this entertaining tale of the unlikely friendship of three crossdressers.

The Color Purple may seem like an unlikely choice. However, this film based of Alice Walker's Pulitzer Prize winning novel is a story of love between women. Though downplayed in the film and musical version, the book is very candid about Celie's very intimate relationship with Shug Avery and her ways of finding love with the help of female characters. Whoopi Goldberg and Oprah Winfrey's Academy Award nominated performances are stunning.

Brokeback Mountain created a flurry of controversy as well as praise upon it's release. By casting two heart throbs in the leading gay roles, Ang Lee took some of the stigma out of being gay. Awkward and non vulgar sex scenes allowed for the story to take place mostly in the men's hearts rather than their beds. This tragic Romeo & Juliet (or should I say Julio) story cemented Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal's status as Hollywood leading men.

Brother to Brother is the story of a young man's friendship with an aging poet. The story tackles interracial romantic situations and features potrayals of Langston Hughes and Zora Neale Hurston. Though it never focuses on the sexuality of those two- both were rumored to be homosexual- the critically accalimed film is quite a watch.

The Laramie Project is a shortened version of the play of the same name. Project shows the small Wyoming town's reaction to the brutal murder of Matthew Shepard, who later became an iconic figure in the push for more legislation for hate crimes against gays. A pending hate crime bill is named for Shepard. The film features and all-star cast including Laura Linney and Christina Ricci.

The Times of Harvey Milk is a splendid documentary showcasing the rise and fall of the slain political figure who became the first openly gay man elected to a major office. Milk, like Shepard became a gay icon and Sean Penn will portray him in an upcoming biopic. This film is a must see!!

All of these films are fantastic. Gay or straight, I think everyone should see them. Go now...what are you waiting for? Netflix...Blockbuster...Amazon...Go!

Remembrance Day & Obama's Change

Barack Obama's transition plan includes pushing for equality for GLBT people.

“The key test for military service should be patriotism, a sense of duty, and a willingness to serve. Discrimination should be prohibited,” the Obama transition site says referring to the current policy preventing openly gay individuals from serving in the military.

Repealing the Don't Ask Don't Tell military policy is one of 8 points on the transition website that involves GLBT rights.

The Web site also touts Obama’s commitment to same-sex families, but he remains reluctant to support gay marriage.

“Barack Obama supports full civil unions that give same-sex couples legal rights and privileges equal to those of married couples.” the transition site says.

“Obama also believes we need to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act and enact legislation that would ensure that the 1,100+ federal legal rights and benefits currently provided on the basis of marital status are extended to same-sex couples in civil unions and other legally-recognized unions. These rights and benefits include the right to assist a loved one in times of emergency, the right to equal health insurance and other employment benefits, and property rights,” the Web site says.

He also supports adoption rights for all couples “regardless of their sexual orientation.”

This is huge. I'msure he will be met with some opposition but this is progress. After reading about Obama's close relationships with gay friends in Chicago in the Advocate, I figured he would work to keep his promises to the gay community. With all of the marriage battles going on, this should become more interesting very soon.

Today, November 20, is also Transgender Day of Remembrance which was set aside to remember transgendered individuals who have been victim of hate crimes and discrimination. This comes at a time when Memphis is dealing with this very issue. Recently a transgendered woman, Duanna Johnson, was found shot to death. She had been the victim of police brutality and had a pending lawsuit against the Memphis Police Department. One of the officers involved in her beating has since been indicted for violating Johnson's civil rights. Her murder has drawn conspiracy theories which point to everything from police corruption to a former lover that found out that she wasn't born a she. The killer is still on the loose and her attorney says that the family still intends to sue the City of Memphis.

Let Me Count the Ways

Solange Knowles in the current issue of VIBE

I love this chick. She has spunk and personality. She's fashion forward AND she's polictically conscious. And not in the I'm-glad-we-have-a-black-Pres-but-I-can't-name-one-of-his-policies type of way like most people are. She actually paid attention throughout the process which I give her kudos for. I read her blog and she seems more grounded than one would think. I would love to share cocktails and cock tales with her. :-)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Diva - The Female Version of a Hustler

Miss Chanel Iman, the last third of The Trinity, must have felt left out after I posted pics of Marcus and Wendell because she is ferocious in these pics.

Miss Iman for Pop Magazine

I won't make the mistake of only including the boys again.


I Can See His Halo

When artists release music I think we get so wrapped up in sales figures and image transitions that we forget what's important- the actual music. I had written a review of Kanye and Beyoncé's album but I quickly took it down. I realized that my opinion really doesn't matter, nor does anyone else's when it comes to why I choose to buy or enjoy the music.

This time around Beyoncé delivered material that is strikingly more tender and thoughtful than her past work. It's not just that it's more pop and less urban or that it's slower than B'Day. The lyrics are more introspective, the singing is more beautiful, and the music is more timeless. That applies to the I Am... side. I don't have much use for Sasha Fierce.

Maybe it's the place at which I am in my life right now. I have been more interested in being spiritually centered and less worried about being "fierce". Feelings of loss or being alone have been present in my life lately.

Overall, the album is therapeutic for me. Smash Into You is especially emotional for me. There will be many that will be put off by this Beyoncé LP. It will serve as my solace during this difficult time. Maybe, I will be ready to be fierce again soon.

Go and cop the deluxe edition of I Am...Sasha Fierce. Pop in disc one, close your eyes, and escape.

Monday, November 17, 2008

There's Nothing Not to Love About Me

I chose the pic of Beyoncé with the glasses for my mock single cover for this song because she needed them.
"Why did she need glasses", you ask?
Because in this song she READS all the kids!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have you ever felt like you were just baffled
by someone not feeling you?
Or wondered why the hell somebody let you go?
Not in a I'm-sad-and-feel-unattractive type of way. But in a I-know-I'm-the-shit-you-must-be-crazy type of way.

This song is a bonus track on the Japan version of I Am...Sasha Fierce and was written by Beyoncé's lil' sis Solange.
This sassy cut is what I need to be sending to the flight attendant as well as the pianist.
So, in the words of Beyoncé,
"Why don't you love me, when I make me so damn easy to love?...
Maybe you're just not the one, or maybe you're just plain dumb."

That's gotta be it. Dumb fools.

Ego: It's Too Big, It's Too Wide

2/3 of The Trinity, Red Model Management's Marcus and Wendell in recent shoots below.
The Hills are alive with the sound of music!

Wendell Lissimore shines in ads for the 2008 Bloomingdales Holiday Catalog shot by Alexi Lumbbromirski.
Get me some hot cocoa with a shot of Bailey's.


Marcus Lloyd sheds his signature smile as well as his clothing for a Kevin Polvent photoshoot below. Head to the storm shelters immediately...

They walk like that, 'cause they can back it up.

Code Name: Renegade

Enough said. :-)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Connecticut Keeps Hope Alive

Connecticut makes up for the blunders of other states.
Marriage equality is coming sooner than later.
Read the story here

Chocolate News: Peanut should Compose Herself

Wow, this is hilarious.
Too bad there are really people out there like this.

The Daily Tea: Miles Away

"You always love me more, miles away.
I hear it in your voice, we're miles away.
You're not afraid to tell me, miles away.
I guess we're at our best when we're miles away."
-Madonna "Miles Away", from Hard Candy

I am a strange individual. I bottle things up and then I implode.
I like silence and it takes a certain type of person to be able to truly get close to me.
Here lately I have been quite vulnerable emotionally, for obvious reasons.
I haven't been that sad, because it has all been bittersweet.
It has been more about feeling lost.

But during storms, have you ever had that one person that just makes you feel sane?
Even if they are not quite right themselves, they are right for you when you need them?
G, you probably won't read this, but thank you so much for being you.
I love you.
I love you.
I f---kin love you.
I always will.
Words can't express the love which makes my heart overflow and my smile widen when I hear from you.
I guess my flight would need a flight attendant.
Thanks for working overtime for me lately.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Beyoncé the Industry Slayer

Beyoncé may not come when you want her, but she'll be there right on time. hahaha

World Music Awards
Monte Carlo, Monaco
If I Were a Boy/Single Ladies


Saturday, November 8, 2008

Dance With My Father

Reverend George Arnett Dowdy

Sunrise February 28, 1928
Sunset November 8, 2008
I'll see you on the other shore, Daddy.

Chief of Staff: Marcus Lloyd

Marcus Lloyd, at it again.
George could not be reached for comment...

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Beyoncé & Kanye: Live in Liverpool

Beyoncé performs If I Were a Boy at the MTV Europe Music Awards held at the Echo Arena in Liverpool, England.

Smashing performance! The crowd really seemed into it.
Good look for she that is Bionic.
[Although that outfit was a bit samurai meets Tina Turner Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome]

DOWLOAD the AUDIO of "If I Were a Boy" HERE

Here's Kanye West's performance of Love Lockdown, also at the MTV EMAs.

This man is the TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)


Hope Didn't Win on All Fronts

Just as America is boasting about a great leap of faith and move toward change, in the shadows lurks the sad truth that hope in another sense was dashed.

Three big states- Arizona, Florida, and California- struck down the rights of GLBT people by upholding a ban on same sex marriage and benefits.

Analysts have already tried to figure out why. How can a nation be so progressive in one way and be so backward in another way? I don't get it. There is a separation of church and state. Christian beliefs should not take precedent over human rights in an election. The divorce rate is staggering, celebrity marriages are a joke, infidelity is commonplace and still it seems a priority to keep same gender loving people from obtaining the rights we should have. If America wants to protect the institution of marriage, it should be moreso about making divorces harder to get or requiring a waiting period after the filing of a license to promote couple spending more time getting to know each other. I also believe that extensive couple counseling as well as financial counseling should be required and be covered for those who can't afford it. If we can fund a war, we can heal our marriages. Reforming marriage should not fall along the lines of exclusion.

I'm not even sure that I intend to walk down the aisle with anyone. Not a man or a woman. Marriage really isn't for me at this point. I do, however, have friends that I know would love to make it official. It's not even about the marriage issue. It's about medical rights and other legal issues.

One analyst pointed out the increase of the African-American turnout that Obama sparked. They concluded that the black turnout could have contributed to the ban. I hadn't thought of that, but it seems logical. Homophobia is so potent in our community. I can remember when the ammendment came on the ballot in TN and my mom asked how I was voting, as if it wouldn't be obvious. I told her I was voting for the gays and she began a lecture about how that was not the right thing. I wondered to myself, "have you forgotten that I am quite gay myself?" The blame doesn't sit with black people alone. The nation as a whole needs to wake up and realize it's 2008.

As the saying goes, if you don't agree with gay marriage, don't get one! :-)

I don't know where gay activists will go from here after this crushing blow, but the fight isn't over. Equality will prevail. I love how Obama always includes the gays in his speeches when naming people he wishes to include. In reference to huge strides in civil rights, Obama added "Our struggles for equality for another minority, gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgendered, will be no different."

Maybe America will follow suit in our lifetime....

Just maybe...

Read the YahooNews article HERE

No Limitations

Sherri Shepherd of The View was moved to tears as the ladies discussed Obama's historic win.
I feel you, Sherri. For once. I almost forgive you for thinking the world is flat.

Dress Like Michelle Obama

A black First Lady? In our lifetime?
Who would have thought?

Even before her husband won the election or even clinched the nomination, all eyes have been on Michelle Robinson Obama's strong personality and equally strong fashion presence. Many have deemed her the black Jackie O due to the comparisons of her husband to Kennedy. Therefore, there has been some dismay with her not always glamming it up.

We must not forget that although Michelle is an attractive woman, she functions more like an Eleanor or Hillary than a Jacqueline.
She's driven and opinionated.
Michelle often opts for the Gap, J.Crew, and White House|Black Market as opposed to high end designers. Her understated style is always chic and elegant without being too flashy or overwhelming.
I chose a few looks she has worn or I think she would wear.

Hand Picked:
These are looks that she has actually worn.

The White House|Black Market Tank Leaf print dress on the left
with the Empire silhouette was worn on The View.
The lemon colored J.Crew Metallic cloqué pencil skirt
was worn on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.
The American designer Narciso Rodriguez look on the right is the look from the election night that Michelle simply paired with a cardigan.
It didn't translate well on her in my opinion but the dress is quite edgy and fashion foward.


These are dresses from J. Crew and Banana Republic.
They speak to her style of often going for the sinched waist.
The Monogram silk square-print shirt dress on the left is from Banana Republic.
The Wool gabardine dress and Flannel Kate dress are both from J. Crew. Mrs. Obama would probably pair the Kate dress on the right with a wide belt to add some flair.

are her best friend. They make a sleeveless dress more conservative and are more young and hip that a jacket. The center cardigan is from J. Crew while the other two are from the Gap.

Mrs. Obama is one of the only relatively young women I've seen that can pull off a brooch and not look like she's playing dress up. The lear sun pin on the left is from J. Crew while the
Pavé star brooch
on the right is from Banana Republic.
What First Lady is complete without her pearls? The Genuine freshwater pearl choker necklace is from Banana Republic.


I based these picks on the Jackie Kennedy inauguration dress in the center.
The luxurious Crepe Mimi T-shirt gown on the left and the champagne colored Silk taffeta Kate gown are both from J. Crew. I'm sure Obama will go for more expensive looks when the big night comes.
However, looking at her track record who knows?...
I say Ralph, Tommy, Oscar, and Vera should be sending sketches right now.

All of these looks are afforable and can currently on the named stores' websites. Go shopping for mom and let her feel a little Presidential this Holiday Season.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

OMG! She spilled my tea! I was googling my name and crap and I typed "keepyourcomposure" into the search engine and there was this! Yikes. A girl posted this comment on the Myspace page of Marcus Lloyd (One third of the Trinity). I've posted about him before how he was one of my favorite models. Well...If he actually followed up on her comment, which I doubt, he saw my posts about him. hahaha That makes me nervous. Anyhoot... WHAT UP MARCUS! lol

Trailer: Cadillac Records

Here's the extended trailer for Cadillac Records which stars Adrien Brody, Beyoncé Knowles, and Jeffrey Wright. I can't wait!

Change Has Come

Oh my goodness....
I cried. Like literally...
I don't have to tell you why.
You saw it on television.

Hail to the Chief.


More commentary later. I'm going to sleep. My cold medicine is kicking in...

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Secret Life of Bey: Download the Album

I never post full albums, but here you go.
I just posted a sampler, but the mothership has landed now!!
Well, sort of... This is the condensed standard version of the double disc album.
Enjoy this for now.

I haven't really listened yet but from the snippets I heard I think I'll be pleased. I love the more pop/rock/accoustic tracks. I had grown weary of the bubble gum Beyoncé. I will have a more in depth review later. Click the colored links to download.

Disc 1: I Am…
1. If I Were a Boy
2. Halo
3. Disappear
4. Broken-Hearted Girl
5. Ave Maria
6. Satellites

Disc 2: Sasha Fierce
1. Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)
2. Radio
3. Diva
4. Sweet Dreams
5. Video Phone

Also, here is another track. It's Scared of Lonely produced by Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins who was responsible for Destiny's Child's Say My Name and Lose My Breath.

It's another smooth track from Beyoncé that will be on the Deluxe version of the album, but not in the standard version posted above.

Thanks brownsista


I just found another track called I Am Alone. Enjoy!

DOWNLOAD Beyoncé I'm Alone Now

She's Tyler Moore, She's Mary: Kate is Titanic

Academy Award nominated actress Kate Winslet for Vanity Fair.
She's got serious acting chops and beauty.

She will reunite with her Titanic costar Leonardo DiCaprio for Revolutionary Road, based on a 1961 Richard Yates novel about a suburban couple struggling with pressure to conform.

Enjoy these titanic photos...pun intended. :-)

Clash of the Titans: JT, Yeezy, and Bionic Bey

My favorite three artists are gearing up for new releases.
(The other one, John Legend, just dropped an album as well)

Here is an album sampler of Beyoncé's I Am...Sasha Fierce. It contains small clips of each song. I was wondering how her new sound was going to work but I love the folk/rock influences on I Am. I think I will like that disc better than the Sasha Fierce despite what most are saying. I guess I just like when artists switch it up such as Kanye's new work and Alicia Key's last rock fused album. I'm digging That's Why You're Beautiful. Nevertheless, I will probably be playing Diva nonstop as well. I'm happy that Beautiful Nightmare has been included, now renamed Sweet Dreams.

DOWNLOAD Beyoncé I Am...Sasha Fierce: Sampler

Here's a new song Anyway from Kanye's 808s & Heartbreak due out November 25th. He's keeping this singing thing going. I love love love the production on this. This man cannot be categorized.

DOWNLOAD Kanye West "Anyway"

With releases from everyone and their mom's this year I was wondering where Justin was. Well, he's back with a new single called Magic. No, it's nothing like Robin Thicke's. Stop the white boy comparisons. The track follows the same style as his last album. I love Timberlake. He is the true new King of Pop. His boy band years with mega successful and his only solo albums were both nominated for Album of the Year Grammys. Sit down Usher.... hahaha

DOWNLOAD Justin Timberlake "Magic"

The Daily Tea: All in His hands

"Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not to thine own under standing. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.” Proverbs 3:5-6

I'm learning to trust in God more...
Just when we get a terrible prognosis for papa he seems to be making a bit of a turn around.
I guess God is just proving that it's up to Him when this is over.
No doctor can say when and where.

I'm not claiming this. Not until the Lord says so.