Friday, August 29, 2008

Double Take: Weezie & Cassie

Cassie and Lil' Wayne in a scene from her new video for "Official Girl"

Ummmm...Is it just me, or do Cassie and Lil' Wayne look like they are starring in a biopic about Aaliyah and Whoopi Goldberg?...
I'm just saying...they need to compose themselves...
Not a good look.

The Trinity

Before, I featured three models that are taking the world in their hands and runnin sh**. Here are my original faves. I affectionately call them the Trinity. :-)

Will Lemay

Blessed with exotic looks that often allowed him to be mistaken for Puerto Rican, native Canadian Will Lemay is actually a mix of black and white.
This combination gave him the best of both worlds.

"It's not really about seeing those colors, it's about being down and if you're not cool with people you should just learn about the culture, not look at it so much about the color." -Will Lemay.
After unsuccessful attempts in his early modeling career and moderate fame in Toronto's fashion scene, Will took a chance on Boss Models. That move took his career to a different level in the fashion industry. Will later went on to model for Versace, Gap, Skechers, and his most famous gig- Sean John.

Check him out in the video below as he makes an appearance in Blu Cantrell's video for "I'll Find a Way"

Money shot: 0:29, 0:42, and 2:31-2:34

Where is he now?:
Calling himself TheWiz, Lemay now dabbles in the area
that is his first love- music.
Check out his MySpace page by clicking HERE.

Sean Gordon

Another Sean John Model, Sean Gordon was managed by New York Model Management.
He also modeled for Perry Ellis, Ecko, Banana Republic, and Armani Exchange. He and Lemay were often photographed together and were quite the dynamic duo of Sean John.

Check him out below in Destiny's Child's video for "Cater 2 U". [I guess women aren't the only ones exploited in videos. haha]

Money shots: 2:37 and 3:37

Where is he now?:

Since his days with Diddy at Sean John, Gordon has landed various campaigns with PEPE Jeans, U.S Male Lounge Wear and Uck Fit.

Tyra Banks

Miss Tyra Lynne Banks became famous first as a model in Paris, Milan, London, Tokyo, and New York, but television appearances were her commercial breakthrough. Her career began with high fashion runway modeling, but commercial was her strong suit. The first black woman to grace the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, Tyra banked lucrative deals with Victoria Secret and scored roles in various films and television shows.

She is also known as the creative force behind America's Next Top Model, a show which gives aspiring young models to compete to earn the top spot in America's fashion scene and snatch up big prizes such as coveted Cover girl spots.

Check out a montage of her runway modeling below.

Money Shots: 0:32-0:35, 2:26-2:29, and 3:13-3:19.

Where is she now?:

The better question would be "where isn't she?" Banks is well on her way to be the next big brand name in entertainment behind Martha and Oprah. Top Model is still going strong and her now Emmy nominated talk show is withstanding the test of time. She's done film, she's done TV, she's been a doll, and she's inspired young girls. What more can you ask for?

Thursday, August 28, 2008

She's Tyler Moore, She's Mary: Ms. Kelly Edition

Kelly Rowland is still one third of the baddest bitches to ever live.
She may not be that popular here in the U.S. right now,
but miss chocolate drop is doing her thing overseas.
Can't knock the hustle.

Peep her new Nike commercial here featuring her single "Work (Put it In)"

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Worldwide Woman

She that is Bionic....
She who shall not be named.
The Third Coming
This November...
You ready? Let's go get 'em...

Yes, We Can!!!

Barack Obama is officially the first black to be nominated by a majority party for President of the United States.

Hillary Clinton ushered in the Nomination by Acclamaton.

Words cannot convey the feeling inside of me right now. As I watched Michelle Obama the other night tears welled. I am a grown man but I can admit that. It was a moving moment.

A STRONG BLACK WOMAN from the southside of Chicago addressing the Democratic National Convention as the possible First Lady of the free world was a powerful image.

Many wonder why I am so vocal in my support for Obama.
It is in part due to his race. However, it's about his ideals.
Never has there been another candidate that fits my beliefs so well.
Views on religion, race, the economy, patriotism, human rights...etc.

This is what the world needs.
We need this man. He doesn't need to serve as some messianic figure to save us,
but as a beacon of light to us.
A torch to buoy and elevate our hopes from dreams to reality.
When my father was my age it wasn't legal for him to vote in this national because of his color.
My pride echoes the pride in his eyes.
He was a man that fought in the Korean War, was awarded a Purple Heart yet was called a nigger when he returned to U.S. soil.
Obama represents the personification of the dreams of
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Shirley Chisholm
Frederick Douglass
Jesse Jackson
I have so much pride in my heart. Not just for African-Americans, but for this Nation.
For the hope and proof that we can be a nation of change less than a century after we were bound by the shackles of Jim Crow.

The world needs Barack to heal this nation.
To mend our image on the world's stage.
To mend our broken hearts and empty pockets.
And to reinstate this nation as the land of the free
and the hope of the downtrodden and oppressed.
Now it's up to us to listen to our hopes, and not our fears.
It's time we embraced something different-
a man whose name is not William. John, or George.
We don't need 8 more years of backward motion.
Can we do it?
Yes, we can!
It was a creed written into the founding documents
that declared the destiny of a nation.
"Yes, we can."
-Barack Obama

Solange Rings the Alarm

She isn't Beyoncé but Solange decided to ring the alarm on this chick interviewing her on live tv. I can see where she may be frustrated about always being compared to Beyoncé and everything but damn. I know she is known for her brash personality but let's be professional Miss Solo. Thanks

She failed to Keep Her Composure...miserably.

Check it out below.

Anyway, her album Sol-Angel and the Hadley Street Dreams was released Tuesday. It's a great blend of 60s/70s soul with touches of electronic influences to give it the modernity and funk it needs.

In the opening track she explains how she can only be herself and that she will never be anyone else, namely Beyoncé.

It's a great album. It's refreshing and authentic- something we rarely get from artists today, even Beyoncé. Be sure to go out and COP THAT DISC!
Key Tracks: Dancing in the Dark; I Decided; Sandcastle Disco; T.O.N.Y.
Below is her fabulous video for her second single "Sandcastle Disco"

DNC Speech: Michelle Obama

I love her, I do.
Mrs. Michelle Obama gave a rousing speech at the DNC Monday that was commanding yet comforting. Convicting, yet hopeful. And eloquent, yet authentic.
The girls at the end gave it the special touch. Go Sasha! hehe
Watch the full speech below.
Or click here to read it as prepared for delivery.

"...this time, we listened to our hopes, instead of our fears...this time, we decided to stop doubting and to start dreaming..."

Monday, August 25, 2008

Help Me Believe

Smiling is something that I do well. I"m always smiling. It's when I'm known for. Sometimes it gets hard to keep it going. It's hard to keep your head above water and stay sunny.

I'm not a terribly religious person. I am moreso spiritual. I believe in God. I believe in church. However, I believe in questioning things. I am imperfect. That's why I love Kirk Franklin. He is imperfect. His music is about prasing God, but it also stresses the notion of us being unworthy. He connects with me and doesn't give me the holier than though tone that many gospel greats do. I will never hear from him "i'm going to heaven and this is why you are not".

I wasn't particularly blown away by the last Kirk Franklin album but this song resonated with me.

"Help Me Believe".

Those simple words are the basis of the song. It is as honest as you get. I often feel like I want to believe in the positivity of the world and be free of all the hurt it can bring. The song is a letter to God explaining to him that the singer is struggling with faith and wants to be strong but he/she is "no good on [their] own". If you have ever had a dark day, you may need to listen to this song...

And utter this simple prayer:

Help me believe. Can I believe? Let me believe. I wanna believe. I've been here before and can't take that hurt again. I'm no good on my own. Please give me another chance. It's hard to believe in what I can't see- to give you my will 'cause your will's better for me. You can look in my eyes and see I wanna believe...

Click here to listen to the song: "Help Me Believe" Kirk Franklin from The Fight of My Life

God Gave Noah the Rainbow Sign

This is how it looks outside my job...
What the hell...
Where is Noah when you need him???
I guess I won't be going anywhere for a while.
Rain, rain...go away...

More Than a Woman

"Baby Girl, better known as Aaliyah"...

Aaliyah Dana Haughton, 22, died tragically in a plane crash near the Bahamas on August 25, 2001. Hip hop/R&B lost an angel, Timbaland lost his muse, and the music world stood in shook. Always known for her sweet personality, Aaliyah was a pioneer in her own right. Her trademark tomboy style evolved into a coy sex goddess persona by the end of her career. Her silky smooth voice maneuvered over futuristic beats by Timbaland and ushered in a new genre which paved the way for Ciara, Ashanti, Cherish, and others.

Below are the last videos she shot before she departed. Rock the Boat shows Aaliyah's kitten like sexuality in her career's most provocative song. And More Than a Woman sums up Aaliyah's career rather nicely.

"Stroke it for me, stroke it for me..."

Stop! Obama Time!

Change in '08!

Just watch it. hahaha

I live for it

Weezy Baby

Check out the video below to watch this chick's version of Lil' Wayne's number one hit "Lollipop".
I'm sure he isn't losing too much sleep... haha
This is too funny. She failed to keep her composure.

Friday, August 22, 2008

J'ai Deux Amours: I have two Loves

Here is the wonderful and splendid Josephine Baker performing her signature song, one of my favorites- "J'ai Deux Amours"

Below is Madeleine Peyroux's version. Peyroux, born in 1974 is an American jazz singer from Athens, Georgia whose voice has been compared to Billie Holiday.

Art & Film: Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo was a Mexican painter who gained international fame through her painting using vibrant colors in a style that was influenced by indigenous cultures of Mexico. Many of her works are self-portraits that symbolically express her own pain and sexuality.

Born Magdalena Carmen Frida Kahlo y Calderón in 1907, Kahlo used her experiences of a tumultuous marriages, miscarriages, and the many operations she underwent following a rail car accident.

She insisted, "I never painted dreams. I painted my own reality".

In 2002 actress Salma Hayek starred in the Academy Award nominated film as the eccentric painter who dabbled in bisexuality and lit the world of art aflame.

Look up the art of Kahlo and also check out the fantastic film with her art serving as great imagery accompanied by music as voluptuous and lush as Hayek, who earned an Oscar nomination for the film.

Flick Pick: Paris Is Burning

Filmed between 1987 and 1989, Paris Is Burning chronicles the journey of gay men of color that dwell in the subculture that created vogue-ing and balls, competitions in which some of New York City's gay men of color fulfill their fantasies of fame, wealth, and everything else denied them. They do this by walking down a runway and “being” someone else, whether it be a powerful executive or Parisian fashion model.

There is an underlying somber tone to the film's take on the American dream and those who strive for it, sometimes never reaching it. However, the spirit of the people in the documentary is that of resilience, even in the face of unfortunate and sometimes traumatic events.

The film is filled with humor- often intended, many times unintentional.
Go and check out this film and let Willie Ninja and Dorian Corey take you on their fantastic voyage.

Peep the video below of Dorian Corey describing the concepts of "shade" and "reading". Hilarious

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Soap Box: Clothing Claustrophobia

"Get me, get me out of this box. I feel so claustrophobic in here..." -Solange Knowles God Given Name

What's up with people and labels??? Geez. If I hear one more person say that women are supposed to ___ and men are supposed to ___ I will scream. The same thing goes for race.

I had a conversation recently that disturbed me, yet it didn't surprise me.

I was told that I need to dress like a black man. I should not wear a small... I'm 5'8" 130 lbs. How small can you get????? I will go nowhere near a large. I'm supposed to wear baggy clothes to fit into the norm of most black guys my age. Or so I was told. This is to avoid scrutiny even if it makes me uncomfotable. WTF??? I'm sick of my blackness/manhood being in question. Yes, I talk funny. I dress more like the Jonas Brothers than Jay-Z. It's my choice. I was not built for Sean John. I will leave that to the other boys.

I love my skinny jeans. I will continue to wear them until I decide not to. Yes, I am a black man. But first and foremost, I am a thinking man. One who does not always go along with the flow of those around him. You can see that by my posts on here.

What the hell does dress like a black man mean anyway? Do you mean 50 Cent? Pharell Williams or Kanye West? André Leon Talley? Colin Powell? Wyclef Jean or Chris Brown? They ALL posess different styles so please be more specific.

I like my clothing to be more tailored and to ACTUALLY FIT ME! I wear a six 36 sport coat! So don't suggest a 40! I will look like I"m playing dress up in daddy's clothes. Jeez... I'm a grown man.

It's funny how we encourage young black men to pull their pants up and stop looking sloppy but when they wear clothes that fit they are accused of being gay or trying to be white. How you can do either of those by your clothes, I don't know.

Don't try to box me in. Thanks. Black men come in all different shapes, shades, and styles.

"There's this assumption that there's only one way of being black. That if you are not conforming to a certain pattern of behavior, that somehow you may not be authentic enough. And those of us in African-American culture know that there's as much diversity in the African-American community as there is in any other community."-Barack Obama :-]

Beyoncé + Obama = Complete Euphoria

I recently ran across this pic of Bionic Bey representing Barack.
According to this video, she had good reason to love Brother O.

Check out his entrance at the Ellen Show to the tune of "Crazy in Love". Classic!

Check out the dance at 0:16 and also starting at 0:33.

Look at his face at 0:47. That's that Old School pimp dancing look.

Obama said knock you out!

Change in '08

Compose Yourself: Mr. Robinson...we know what you did Last 4th of July

Jeez Louise!
A lawyer, a pilot, and a third-grader have all
ended up on the U.S. Terrorist watch list due to a glitch.
They are all named James Robinson
What a country we live in!
Why does that surprise me?
They only recently removed Nelson Mandela from the list.
He has a F--kin Nobel Peace prize!
If you know a James Robinson, tell him to WATCH HIS BACK!
The feds may kick in his door. LOL
America...COMPOSE YOURSELF! Please!
Check out the video by clicking the link below.
Source: Yahoo News

Run, Forrest: George with Isaac

More proof that my father is in fact the black Forrest Gump....
Sheesh...he's been everywhere and met everyone.
Yet he stills choose to live in the hood. Gotta love humility... :-)

Ready for the Runway: Chanel, Wendell, and Marcus

There has been a lot of talk of models of color in the industry of fashion, or lack thereof, lately.
We all know miss Beverly Johnson.
We had our Tyra, our Naomi and Veronica, and our Jessica White.
Tyson ruled the runway and Boris ruled the print.
Lord knows I had a small obsession with Will Lemay and Sean Gordon.
Here are my favorite among the new crop. The catwalk ain't ready!!

Wendell Lissimore
Wendell Lissimore of Harlem is one of the most sought after models on the planet, male or female. Discovered at the gym, his career has skyrocketed drawing comparisons to Tyson Beckford. Seen everywhere from Urban Outfitters Campaigns to Dior runways, Wendell's versatile yet exotic look has earned him a place as one of the most bankable models alive.

Enjoy the video. I tried to watch but I lost consciousness at around 4:23. LOL

Marcus Lloyd
Marcus Lloyd of New York City is originally from Garland, Texas. A favorite of designer/mogul Sean "Diddy" Combs, Lloyd has exploded onto the scene as one of the newest fresh faces and warm personalities of male modeling.

Peep him in the video below. Watch at 0:13 as he tries not to laugh. Funny! :-)

Chanel Iman

Chanel Iman Robinson (born 1989) is a Korean/African-American model from Atlanta, USA. She grew up in Culver City, California and attended Fairfax High School in Los Angeles. Chanel appeared with models Du Juan and Coco Rocha in the Spring 2007 issue of TIME Style&Design. In the May 2007 issue of US Vogue she was featured on the cover with others as one of the stars emerging in the new crop of supermodels. With a name like Chanel Iman, did they really think she would become a lawyer?? Nope. This chick was probably born at Bryant Park.

Watch Chanel below in the video. I love her. She's so refreshing. I love her nonchalant personality as if she doesn't know she 's the hottest of the hot. She knows. There's proof at 0:26-0:27. Also, check her working that Naomi part down the middle look at 4:03.


World Dominion is coming for these three.

Wendell for President in 2012. Chanel as First Lady and Marcus as Vice President!

She's Tyler Moore...She's Mary: Jane Toussaint Edition

Speaking of Spike, check out this clip I will forever love! I was fascinated with it as a kid. "Some said 'get him to a doctor'. I came to see you instead." :-)

Although Tisha Campbell is the lead here as Gamma Ray Jane Toussaint, Jasmine Guy steals the show.

Check out Jasmine's face at 2:11 and watch her twirl at 2:45-2:47. [I just fainted]

"Alone Tonight" from School Daze [1988]

Sunny Days: The Singers Unlimited take on Sesame Street

Here's another TV Theme show song. [see previous "Brady Bunch" post]

This features The Singers Unlimited (think Manhattan Transfer) singing the Sesame Street song. I forgot that I have a copy of their seven CD collection containing everything the group recorded in their history except their Christmas material. They haven't recorded a new album since 1980, but this group is timeless.

Anyway, enjoy the song!

Click below to listen.

The Singer's Unlimited Sesame Street Theme

Beauty's Where You Find It

In 1990 a girl named Madonna slayed the kids with her hit dance single "Vogue".

Bringing mainstream attention to the then relatively unknown dance craze popularized by black gay men, the Material Girl is here at MTV's Video Music Awards performing the song channeling her inner Marie Antoinette.
She enlisted the help of her homosexual homies for this splendid performance. Enjoy!
Peep my favorite Fag-ically delicious dancer as he shows out. Watch his move at 3:54. Also, check him work at 4:57-5:03.

I can't believe my high school show choir did this song. That probably solidified us as the gay school. We were bound to be more open minded being a performing arts school but damn...
We even did the signature side vogue-ing at minute 4:19.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Read This: Twain's "Letter's From the Earth"

I took this book to work and one of my opiniated co-workers scolded me for reading a book by this Darwinist. I laughed to myself, slightly offended yet feeling pity for this man for living a Twain-free life.

My cousin Wendell actually introduced this book to me. Everyone and their mama's cousin's third wife has read about Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn. But I had never heard about Letter's From the Earth.
Due to it's controversial tone, the work was not published until well after Twain's death.

Mark Twain, born Samuel Clemmons, is arguably American history's greatest satirist. I'm sure he paved the way for Colbert, CNL, and Jon Stewart.
The book portray's Twain as the father of history-- providing commentary and interpreting events from the Garden of Eden through the Fall and the Flood, translating the papers of Adam and his descendants through the generations.

It starts with God telling Michael, Gabriel, and Satan about his new creation of the universe. Satan, of course, is cynical and mocks God. God in turn banishes him from Heaven. On Earth Satan decides to write letters back to Michael and Gabriel about his observations of man, God's prized creation. He mocks the notion of heaven and the silly behavior of the creatures on earth. He takes on the attitude of "you wouldn't believe it if you saw it" sarcasm.

"I have told you nothing about man that is not true." You must pardon me if I repeat that remark now and then in these letters; I want you to take seriously the things I am telling you, and I feel that if I were in your place and you in mine, I should need that reminder from time to time, to keep my credulity from flagging.

This ecclectic collection of writings is a must read for anyone who has ever questioned the most pious things in life (and those who haven't). I guess I like it because I have many times questioned the validity of the Noah's Ark story and things of that nature.

It's not an anti-Christian book. It's just a thinker's book. So...COP IT! Or check it out from the library. In other words, get a copy and READ IT!!! why are you still at your computer??? Go now!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Denyce sings Carmen

This is why I love her and she will forever be my Carmen. Since a friend of mine discovered her CD of spirituals at the National Cathedral when we were in the 10th grade, I have been hooked.

A ravishing beauty with a luscious voice, Denyce Graves embodies Carmen and makes you want to fall in love with her despite the songs warning to "beware".

Visit her Official Website here.

Spotlight: CraigLewis Band "Brady Bunch"

Brady Bunch
No words...
They made me want to go dig up some epidodes of Carol and the crew...
If KC&JoJo actually had talent and were trained by Smokie Norful and Kim Burrell, this would be the result...

Peep Their MySpace Page By Clicking Here

Golden Boy

Olympian Michael Phelps graced the cover of Sports Illustrated for the fifth time.
This time he was accompanied by his record breaking eight Gold Medals.

The photo is modeled after Mark Spitz's iconic 1972 shot. Phelps broke Spitz's record for the most Gold in a single Olympic Game. I don't even like to watch swimming, nor can I swim. I usually gravitate more toward the Track and Field & gymnastic events but I loved watching in fiendish glee the clips of Phelps making history.

Phelps is a beast!!! America F--k Yeah! :-)

Those were the days

I miss these whores...
Kelly's living it up in the UK.
Michelle is prepping for an October album release.
And Miss Knowles-Carter is chillin. Album in November? Who knows? She's been unusually out of the spotlight lately. Maybe it's because of Solange's upcoming release...

We need you DC3!!
Come shut down Danity Kane, Pussycat Dolls, Girlicious or any other amateur acts that will never compare to you.

I don't think Bionic Bey is even thinking about a reunion any time soon. That would interrupt her world dominion plans. Kelly is probably leaving voice mails everyday though. "Would it be cool if...." Beyoncé is like "no, boo boo. I got a photoshoot with Armani."

Just for nostalgia's sake, here's the opening number from the Destiny Fulfilled: I'm Lovin' It Tour. I remember being there. On the floor...the stage only yards away...Screaming with glee.

"Say My Name, B--ch!"

Alright Already...

Is it just me, or has the race to the oval office gotten a bit boring lately.

I can remember a time when I was glued to the TV, checking my phone for udpates, and checking CNN at work.

Who knew the process would lose steam after the primaries?

Anyway, what we have to look forward to now are the VP announcements and the conventions before the last leg of the race and that fateful day in November.

Obama is over-exposed and has become too much of a celebrity (though not his fault, but the fault of people like me who ride his nuts...proverbially, not literally. Although it would be nice. hahaha JOKING! I think...). McCain is pitiful and desperate for attention. Any time you have to fake VP discussions to deflect the international attention from the other candidate, you need to go back to the drawing board.

I never thought I would say this...but...I miss Hillary. hahahaha
Wow... That came out of MY mouth. Trust me. I still think she is an ice queen and totally wrong for the commander in chief position. But at least she was interesting. She had fire and guts- balls so to speak.

McCain has...well...he has that war record. At least with Clinton in the mix we had battles that rivaled Little Big Horn. Celtics and Lakers fans hadn't even seen a race that intense.

I am just ready for it all to be over. No more McCain. Michelle in that inauguration gown designed by Ralph Lauren (who better than America's greatest designer?).

I'm ready for change. How about you?
Are you registered to vote? NO? What are you waiting for?

Vote Team O!

Contemporaries: Bionic Bey and The Boss

Beyoncé Giselle Knowles was deliberately styled to look like The Boss, Ms. Ross, in her Golden Globe nominated starring role as Deena Jones in Dreamgirls.

However, the star seemed to emulate Diana long before talks of Dreamgirls started.
Catapulted into stardom in the context iconic girl groups, both Ross and Knowles eventually broke out as solo stars and took command of the game.

Both have had their share of drama through group lineup changes, accusations of management favoritism/diva behavior and both have etched a place in history through their music, iconic style, and brands.

It is no secret that I hold these two divas close to my heart.
Below are pics I found of each. Watch the evolution of each and the similarities are striking.

Girl Group Stars

Channeling Josephine

America's Sweethearts

Looking Crazy in Love

Coy Sex Appeal

Serving up Glamour

Peep Beyoncé paying tribute to The Boss live in concert
with her sprightly rendition of I'm Coming Out.

Cover: 30 Seconds to Mars "Stronger"

Get into this cover of Kanye West's "Stronger" by actor
Jared Leto's band 30 Seconds to Mars.

I live for this subtle rock approach in response to Kanye's more agressive version.
We all know Kanye takes a page from Tina
because he doesn't do anything nice and easy.

Click the link below to listen.
30 Seconds to Mars "Stronger" [Listen]

In related interests, check these girls dancing to
Daft Punk's "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger",
the song which Kanye's track samples.
They are crazy! How long did it take to practice this???
Peep the chicks at 1:35 when the music speeds up. Love it.

Daily Tea: Françoise

First introduced to me by my friend VJ, I have come to love Françoise Hardy.
Born in Paris in 1944, Hardy is a French singer, actress and Fashion icon.

Click Below to listen a song she released in 1968 with lyrics by Serge Gainsbourg.

The title translates to "How to Say Goodbye"

It makes you want to skip in front of the Eiffel Tower with eating crêpes with your friends Sophie and Jean-Luc. Enjoy! (And yes, it's in French...duh).

Françoise Hardy- "Comment te dire adieu" (1968)

Double Take: Obamas and Smiths

Check out the Smiths looking rather presidential.
The White House would have a new Camelot [see Jackie O. and Jack F. K.] if Will Smith were to ever seek the Oval Office.

However, don't count out the Obamas on style. We are all too familiar with Barack's wicked swagger and Michelle may not be our Jackie O. but she sure as hell has more spunk than Laura, softer edges than Hillary and less need for a walker than Barbara. She is a bad b---h. If her intellect were a brand, it would have a billboard in Times Square.

Have they been sharing stylists?

Peep Will and Barack's navy blue tailored suits with solid contrasting ties. While you are at it, check out Michelle and Miss Jada [she deserves to be addressed as such] in their olive green ensembles with a little splash peacock flair- belt on Michelle and collar on Jada.

All four of them receive 100 A+ across the board.
Good evening and good night!

Flick Picks: Harvey and Sheppard

The Civil Rights Movement had MLK and Emmit Till.
The gay rights movement posesses martyrs of its own.
Matthew Sheppard and Harvey Milk came to symbolize the juxtaposition of hate and hope that
fueled the movement and gave it a face.

Both Academy Award Winner "The Times of Harvey Milk" (1984) and critically acclaimed "The Laramie Project" shine light on two figures that helped to spotlight the gay plight.

In October 1998 21 year-old Mathew Shepard was found brutally beaten tied to a fence and left to die in Laramie, Wyoming. The Laramie Project captures the small town's inward look at itself- the love, the bigotry and the defiance.

Deemed the "Mayor of Castro", political figure Harvey Milk revolutionized politics and breathed fire into the San Francisco community. Tragically gunned down before his full potential was realized, this documentary follows the rise and fall of Milk. Like MLK, Milk seemed to know his fate and embraced the struggle despite knowing the consequences.

Milk had anticipated the possibility of assassination
and had recorded several audio tapes to be played in that event.
An inscription at the Harvey Milk Plaza in San Francisco contains a quote:
"If a bullet should enter my brain, let that bullet destroy every closet door."

Right on brother.
Be sure to check out these flicks.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Alien From Outer Space: Janelle Monáe

, Janel

Sometimes, in music you get a breeze- a breath of fresh air. Janelle Monáe offers a gust. This pint sized Atlantian first caught my attention when she appeared on Outkast's Idlewild Album.

Armed with a pompadour hairstyle and saddle-Oxford shoes, Janelle is a hybrid that brings something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.
Her classic look paired with her progressive and futuristic sound is reminiscent of two of her predecessors- André 3000 and Cee-Lo.
Janelle's blues laden voice is almost too pure to pull off the genre which I affectionately call Neo-AfroFunk. However, after seeing her perfomances, there is no doubt that her eccentric delivery and robotic dance moves are nothing less than authentic.

Metropolis, a suite rather than a full album, succeeds in its effort to incite interest and leave you wanting more. You'll beg for more collabos with André and hope for a Gnarls Barkley on the next suite. Allow the visions of George Clinton to dance in your head. So, with all that said, COP THAT DISC!