Thursday, October 2, 2008

Hasselbeck: Palin's Biggest Fan/Debate Thoughts

Elisabeth Hasselbeck of The View is at it again. I really don't get her. I despise everything that comes out of her mouth. She's a lemming. She doesn't know why she believes what she believes. For her to have such strong opinions, that's dangerous. I have friends that are conservative and plan on voting McCain in this election but I respect them because they have hard evidence as to why they think McCain would be best down to each issue. HasselSLUT is a mindless puppet.

Here is a clip of her on The View. (Thanks Kort) The ladies are providing commentary on Palin's VP potential or lack thereof and Elisabeth is eventually asked by Barbara Walters to explain why she can NEVER admit when Palin or any other conservative figure makes a mistake. Also, Walters asks her to explain why she is such an avid supporter of Palin. She failed at both. She doesn't give a straight answer!!! No wonder she supports Poptart Palin!!

This moves me to speculate on what to expect from the debate. I don't expect a total blowout. Biden himself has been known to fumble over his words and put his foot in his mouth. However, his goofs are mostly due to his temperamental nature. He's the 'attack dog'. Palin on the other hand just doesn't seem to be politically conscious at all. Biden will have to be careful. He can't seem weak, but he can't attack Palin too much because she's a woman. We don't want cries of bullying and sexism. I don't see him avoiding that though. I don't see how it's possible to not be patronizing or condescending when speaking to Palin. Her political know-how could fit in a thimble.

On the other handm, Palin tends to do pretty well on the debate front. She is charming so she is typically fine when allowed to be prepped and given structured material. Should they deviate from the planned subject matter, she will be in trouble. She can't focus on McCain's record to much because Biden probably knows more about that than she does. Biden should focus on her lack of insight and prudence rather than lack of experience given the right's attack on Obama's experience. Palin had better quit the age jokes considering she's on the ticket with the oldest non-incumbent Presidential candidate in history. Overall, I think this debate will be much more interesting than the Oxford Presidiential debate.

Will Biden give concise answers or verbose clumsy attacks? Will Palin shine with prepped answers or crash and burn on the issues?

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