Sunday, September 28, 2008

Thoughts on Debate: Oxford

I haven't really been moved to talk about Friday's debate but I feel that I must. Overall, I was underwhelmed. Neither candidate managed to leave a huge impression on me. Obama took the high ground and kept his composure. [pun intended] McCain provided catty attacks.
It did strike me as rude that McCain rarely looked at Obama while he was speaking to him. Also, I noticed that Obama was taking notes to make sure he quoted McCain accurately while McCain repeatedly misquoted Obama.

What was right about the debate?

Obama was approachable. He seemed to be engaged with America's needs and spoke as if he cared about the future. McCain was a better debator, though he did not provide the great answers that Obama did. To the average person, his jabs probably seemed like he had a better command of the situation. However, if you listened closely, Barack's plans sounded spectacular if they can be implemented. McCain's silly notion of freezing spending and channeling most of it into defense is horrible. Obama wants to re-route the spending to programs that need it such as education and take it from programs that don't such as the defense programs that actually have a surplus.

What was wrong?

Obama needs to stop being so nice. I understand that his platform is to be a different type of politician, but one can be assertive without seeming overly aggressive. Also, McCain did NOT talk about the Middle Class, the people who will be most affected by this election and the proposed financial bailout. Speaking of which, why couldn't either of them take a position on whether they support the bailout or not. I know that it's a catch 22 and neither or them wants to be the one who supported the bill if it fails, nor do they want to be the one who opposes it if it passes and works. However, being a leader is about making difficult decisions and standing by them. Also, it was a debate on foreign policy and all they talked about was the Middle East. What about Darfur? What about the immigration debate? What about China? We are up to our ears in debt with China and they are quickly emerging as the next superpower as far as wealth is concerned. The wealth isn't spread evenly, nor do they have a stable government in place but we do have a big connection with China. The delicate ties are even more important when it comes to the goods that are made in China that are constantly being recalled. Why wasn't the issue of outsourcing brought to the forefront?

The debate was pretty much more of the same. I printed the transcript so that I could read it without being distracted by body language and Barack's exquisite face. [hehe] I still didn't see it as progress. They need to come with it next time. Barack Obama needs to get a pep talk from Michelle and Biden and come out swinging instead of bouncing around with his gloves blocking his face. Dodging punches is important in a fight but hitting, and hitting hard, actually wins.

I hope the next one is better...

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