Wednesday, September 24, 2008

McCain Tucks His Tail

McCain is trying to punk out!!

He wants to postpone the debate supposedly so that he can go to Washington and help solve the economic crisis. This is the same man that admits he knows nothing about the economy and just recently claimed that the fundamentals of our economy are strong.
This shows how out of touch he is.
They don't need your help, McCain. Keep campaigning boo boo.
Bush is trying to pressure those in power to go ahead and make a decision about the bail out. Where's this sense of urgency coming from? Why would you make a hasty decision about a crisis like this with no oversight. Lack of oversight is what caused the problem.
They just want to make a quick fix to get the economic crisis out of the forefront because as long as the economy is our focus, and not security/military, McCain looks good.
He can't afford to base an election on economic knowledge.
They make me mad!!!
Republicans and their distractions...
Bush just made remarks recently about the fundamentals of our economy being strong.
He also said that taxpayers should NOT bail out the lenders.
Michelle and Hillary need to hit them with their pocketbooks.
I just want all of this to be over...
Can we just vote and get it behind us?...


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