Monday, September 29, 2008

Little Miss Dunce: Palin Interviewed by Gibson

Here, Sarah Palin is interviewed by Charles Gibson for ABC News.
I don't understand...

This woman is a blatant idiot!

Some say that Gibson and Couric were condescending and bullied Palin. If I were a journalist I would be ticked off and frustrated by a person who can NOT give a straight answer in an entire interview! She can't even manage to be the typical politician and bullshit her way through. Instead, she evades every question and gives general kindergarten answers.

It's not even funny anymore how little she knows. It's true that she echoes the values of a small town Wal-Mart hockey mom. Should that be a selling point???!!!
Would you REALLY want a small town hockey mom to be the Vice President to an aging flip-flopper?? That's the alternative to a veteran senator running under an Ivy-League educated Presidential candidate?? And people are really considering the former instead of the latter??

I swear, if by some chance McCain wins, I will try to best to move abroad. I don't see him winning but I can't understand ANYONE voting for him. Bush at least was passionate and had zeal. Cheney is crazy but he is capable of coloring inside the lines. Palin needs a padded room.

I know the interviews are long but please watch all three segments. They will make you very anxious about the upcoming election... God help us... It's crazy how many times Gibson has to say "I'm still not clear about this". I agree with you, Charles. I am not clear about Palin either...

Excuse me while I step away for a minute. I have to go now and compose myself...

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