Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Life Your Life!!!

T.I. featuring Rihanna "Live Your Life"

"What you need to do is be thankful for the life you got/
You know what i'm sayin?
Stop lookin at what you ain't got and start being thankful for what you do got."
"Just l
ive your life...no telling where it will take ya..."
Who knew a T.I. song would be my positivity anthem? Lol. I had a rough patch in life recently and I have to admit I was moping. I know how to wallow in sorrow. However something in me recently clicked. I have good friends who have talked to me and through spending time with friends and fam I have been uplifted.
I also just paused and thought about things.
You can't let life get you down and be so obsessed with things going wrong that you don't do the right things.
I have the most amazing friends one could ask for. I have the best fam as well.
I'm smart and have a pretty good life.
I'm single, but I'm a damn good man and my parents passed on some top notch genes.
It's time for me to shake it off and just live my life.
Life throws you curveballs every now and then. You can't let them ruin you.
If life gives you lemons, make lemon drop cocktails!
Be thankful.
Sometimes we focus so much on the storm that we fail to see the beauty of the quiet that comes before it. The cool breeze we get. Or we ignore the gust of wind that warns us a storm is coming.
Storms don't last forever.
Eventually the clouds dissipate and the sun peaks through.
And God puts a rainbow in the sky.
[a rainbow? how gay...]
Now I will put the T.I./Rihanna song on blast and dance around my room.
That O-Zone sample is genius.
"Got everybody watching what I do/Come walk in my shoes and see the way i'm living if you really want to...
Keep on making that paper/Keep on climbing/Look in the mirror and keep on shining."
Just live your LIFE!! Ay!!!!!

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