Thursday, September 4, 2008

Keep it in the Closet!!!

You know...I forgot about this video. I remember when it came out.
Here's Michael Jackson's Keep it in the Closet from Dangerous featuring supermodel Naomi Campbell.

He shows why he's the whore of all whores and she's the bitch of all bitches.

Tyra talks all the time about models and movement.
Pause at these moments to see Naomi werk.
Give Face at 0:52 and 1:01
Peep that extended neck at 2:50

Mike shuts the Usher/Omarion/Chris B clique down from 4:54 to 6:02.
I LOVE the dance at 3:52-3:55
also at 5:24-5:28

Check out Mike's pose at 5:28. Yes!!!
And Naomi's pose at 5:05. Yes yes yes!!!!

The video actually ends at 6:02 but there is a weird Phil Donahue
clip at the end with a little boy talking about prejudice.

"I'm surprised we have dogs these days because they are different"
Funny Funny

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