Friday, August 29, 2008

The Trinity

Before, I featured three models that are taking the world in their hands and runnin sh**. Here are my original faves. I affectionately call them the Trinity. :-)

Will Lemay

Blessed with exotic looks that often allowed him to be mistaken for Puerto Rican, native Canadian Will Lemay is actually a mix of black and white.
This combination gave him the best of both worlds.

"It's not really about seeing those colors, it's about being down and if you're not cool with people you should just learn about the culture, not look at it so much about the color." -Will Lemay.
After unsuccessful attempts in his early modeling career and moderate fame in Toronto's fashion scene, Will took a chance on Boss Models. That move took his career to a different level in the fashion industry. Will later went on to model for Versace, Gap, Skechers, and his most famous gig- Sean John.

Check him out in the video below as he makes an appearance in Blu Cantrell's video for "I'll Find a Way"

Money shot: 0:29, 0:42, and 2:31-2:34

Where is he now?:
Calling himself TheWiz, Lemay now dabbles in the area
that is his first love- music.
Check out his MySpace page by clicking HERE.

Sean Gordon

Another Sean John Model, Sean Gordon was managed by New York Model Management.
He also modeled for Perry Ellis, Ecko, Banana Republic, and Armani Exchange. He and Lemay were often photographed together and were quite the dynamic duo of Sean John.

Check him out below in Destiny's Child's video for "Cater 2 U". [I guess women aren't the only ones exploited in videos. haha]

Money shots: 2:37 and 3:37

Where is he now?:

Since his days with Diddy at Sean John, Gordon has landed various campaigns with PEPE Jeans, U.S Male Lounge Wear and Uck Fit.

Tyra Banks

Miss Tyra Lynne Banks became famous first as a model in Paris, Milan, London, Tokyo, and New York, but television appearances were her commercial breakthrough. Her career began with high fashion runway modeling, but commercial was her strong suit. The first black woman to grace the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, Tyra banked lucrative deals with Victoria Secret and scored roles in various films and television shows.

She is also known as the creative force behind America's Next Top Model, a show which gives aspiring young models to compete to earn the top spot in America's fashion scene and snatch up big prizes such as coveted Cover girl spots.

Check out a montage of her runway modeling below.

Money Shots: 0:32-0:35, 2:26-2:29, and 3:13-3:19.

Where is she now?:

The better question would be "where isn't she?" Banks is well on her way to be the next big brand name in entertainment behind Martha and Oprah. Top Model is still going strong and her now Emmy nominated talk show is withstanding the test of time. She's done film, she's done TV, she's been a doll, and she's inspired young girls. What more can you ask for?

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