Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Those were the days

I miss these whores...
Kelly's living it up in the UK.
Michelle is prepping for an October album release.
And Miss Knowles-Carter is chillin. Album in November? Who knows? She's been unusually out of the spotlight lately. Maybe it's because of Solange's upcoming release...

We need you DC3!!
Come shut down Danity Kane, Pussycat Dolls, Girlicious or any other amateur acts that will never compare to you.

I don't think Bionic Bey is even thinking about a reunion any time soon. That would interrupt her world dominion plans. Kelly is probably leaving voice mails everyday though. "Would it be cool if...." Beyoncé is like "no, boo boo. I got a photoshoot with Armani."

Just for nostalgia's sake, here's the opening number from the Destiny Fulfilled: I'm Lovin' It Tour. I remember being there. On the floor...the stage only yards away...Screaming with glee.

"Say My Name, B--ch!"

1 comment:

Kofi said...

Bionic Bey gets a little too krunk near minute 3. Where's the prayer oil?