Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Solange Rings the Alarm

She isn't Beyoncé but Solange decided to ring the alarm on this chick interviewing her on live tv. I can see where she may be frustrated about always being compared to Beyoncé and everything but damn. I know she is known for her brash personality but let's be professional Miss Solo. Thanks

She failed to Keep Her Composure...miserably.

Check it out below.

Anyway, her album Sol-Angel and the Hadley Street Dreams was released Tuesday. It's a great blend of 60s/70s soul with touches of electronic influences to give it the modernity and funk it needs.

In the opening track she explains how she can only be herself and that she will never be anyone else, namely Beyoncé.

It's a great album. It's refreshing and authentic- something we rarely get from artists today, even Beyoncé. Be sure to go out and COP THAT DISC!
Key Tracks: Dancing in the Dark; I Decided; Sandcastle Disco; T.O.N.Y.
Below is her fabulous video for her second single "Sandcastle Disco"

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