Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Read This: Twain's "Letter's From the Earth"

I took this book to work and one of my opiniated co-workers scolded me for reading a book by this Darwinist. I laughed to myself, slightly offended yet feeling pity for this man for living a Twain-free life.

My cousin Wendell actually introduced this book to me. Everyone and their mama's cousin's third wife has read about Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn. But I had never heard about Letter's From the Earth.
Due to it's controversial tone, the work was not published until well after Twain's death.

Mark Twain, born Samuel Clemmons, is arguably American history's greatest satirist. I'm sure he paved the way for Colbert, CNL, and Jon Stewart.
The book portray's Twain as the father of history-- providing commentary and interpreting events from the Garden of Eden through the Fall and the Flood, translating the papers of Adam and his descendants through the generations.

It starts with God telling Michael, Gabriel, and Satan about his new creation of the universe. Satan, of course, is cynical and mocks God. God in turn banishes him from Heaven. On Earth Satan decides to write letters back to Michael and Gabriel about his observations of man, God's prized creation. He mocks the notion of heaven and the silly behavior of the creatures on earth. He takes on the attitude of "you wouldn't believe it if you saw it" sarcasm.

"I have told you nothing about man that is not true." You must pardon me if I repeat that remark now and then in these letters; I want you to take seriously the things I am telling you, and I feel that if I were in your place and you in mine, I should need that reminder from time to time, to keep my credulity from flagging.

This ecclectic collection of writings is a must read for anyone who has ever questioned the most pious things in life (and those who haven't). I guess I like it because I have many times questioned the validity of the Noah's Ark story and things of that nature.

It's not an anti-Christian book. It's just a thinker's book. So...COP IT! Or check it out from the library. In other words, get a copy and READ IT!!! why are you still at your computer??? Go now!!!!!!!!!

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