Monday, August 25, 2008

Help Me Believe

Smiling is something that I do well. I"m always smiling. It's when I'm known for. Sometimes it gets hard to keep it going. It's hard to keep your head above water and stay sunny.

I'm not a terribly religious person. I am moreso spiritual. I believe in God. I believe in church. However, I believe in questioning things. I am imperfect. That's why I love Kirk Franklin. He is imperfect. His music is about prasing God, but it also stresses the notion of us being unworthy. He connects with me and doesn't give me the holier than though tone that many gospel greats do. I will never hear from him "i'm going to heaven and this is why you are not".

I wasn't particularly blown away by the last Kirk Franklin album but this song resonated with me.

"Help Me Believe".

Those simple words are the basis of the song. It is as honest as you get. I often feel like I want to believe in the positivity of the world and be free of all the hurt it can bring. The song is a letter to God explaining to him that the singer is struggling with faith and wants to be strong but he/she is "no good on [their] own". If you have ever had a dark day, you may need to listen to this song...

And utter this simple prayer:

Help me believe. Can I believe? Let me believe. I wanna believe. I've been here before and can't take that hurt again. I'm no good on my own. Please give me another chance. It's hard to believe in what I can't see- to give you my will 'cause your will's better for me. You can look in my eyes and see I wanna believe...

Click here to listen to the song: "Help Me Believe" Kirk Franklin from The Fight of My Life

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Anonymous said...

I absolutely love that song! As a part of my daily meditation and prayer, I listen to that song. I love Kirk because he is truly into make sure his songs have meaning. He's had a lot of hurt in his life and his music reflects that. It's real! Plus, if a song doesn't have a message...and a tight bass line...I ain't into it anyway...LOL But I feel ya on this one fa' sho! -- D.bARR