Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Double Take: Obamas and Smiths

Check out the Smiths looking rather presidential.
The White House would have a new Camelot [see Jackie O. and Jack F. K.] if Will Smith were to ever seek the Oval Office.

However, don't count out the Obamas on style. We are all too familiar with Barack's wicked swagger and Michelle may not be our Jackie O. but she sure as hell has more spunk than Laura, softer edges than Hillary and less need for a walker than Barbara. She is a bad b---h. If her intellect were a brand, it would have a billboard in Times Square.

Have they been sharing stylists?

Peep Will and Barack's navy blue tailored suits with solid contrasting ties. While you are at it, check out Michelle and Miss Jada [she deserves to be addressed as such] in their olive green ensembles with a little splash peacock flair- belt on Michelle and collar on Jada.

All four of them receive 100 A+ across the board.
Good evening and good night!

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