Thursday, August 21, 2008

Beauty's Where You Find It

In 1990 a girl named Madonna slayed the kids with her hit dance single "Vogue".

Bringing mainstream attention to the then relatively unknown dance craze popularized by black gay men, the Material Girl is here at MTV's Video Music Awards performing the song channeling her inner Marie Antoinette.
She enlisted the help of her homosexual homies for this splendid performance. Enjoy!
Peep my favorite Fag-ically delicious dancer as he shows out. Watch his move at 3:54. Also, check him work at 4:57-5:03.

I can't believe my high school show choir did this song. That probably solidified us as the gay school. We were bound to be more open minded being a performing arts school but damn...
We even did the signature side vogue-ing at minute 4:19.

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